Beien will participate in 2021 China call center a

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Beien will participate in the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference () hosted by CTI Forum () will be held in Beijing Liaoning building on April 15. It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision and fast response. The theme of this meeting is to build an enterprise communication cloud ecology in the 5g era. Guangzhou Beien electroacoustic technology Co., Ltd. will be invited to attend the conference

in this exhibition, Beien mainly showed the following products to the participants:

I. professional call center headset

professional call center headset of Beien (hion), which is mainly used in call centers such as telecom, finance, outsourcing and logistics, as well as customer service centers and telemarketing centers. It is a professional product for business telephone headset such as consulting, marketing and investigation

II. Beien U series earphones

Beien U series earphones integrate earphones and free customer management software. They not only realize the call of the earphones themselves, but also provide powerful functions such as caller bounce screen, customer data management, real-time recording, employee management, statistical reports, computer dialing and systematic management in the internal local area, so that you can quickly realize management and save costs

III. Beien s series IP phone

Beien s series is a call IP phone that integrates fashion and networking. It adopts an elegant and atmospheric appearance design and is equipped with a professional call center headset as standard. It has a high-definition voice noise removal function to achieve face-to-face call effects and truly reflect the sweet voice of the operator. Compatible with the mainstream SIP platform in the industry

IV. call center headset

call center headset is suitable for consulting, marketing and other work, and it is convenient to make clear and high-definition calls by converting hardness to intensity

introduction to Beien

Beien was established in 2003 to provide professional call center headset. All products come from independent research and development. It is an independent manufacturer and exporter integrating production and sales

Beien is headquartered in Guangzhou, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. It is composed of excitation and speed regulator, adjustable eccentric crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, pulsating cylinder, load retaining valve, special oil pump and lubrication system in North America, and has core partners in Europe and South Asia. The products are mainly used in call centers such as telecom, finance, outsourcing and logistics, as well as customer service centers, telemarketing centers and command centers. They are professional telephone headset products for consulting, marketing, investigation and other businesses

whether you are a communication equipment manufacturer, system integrator, call center operator or user, choosing the hion headset will not only obtain high-quality products and good after-sales service, but also greatly reduce your investment (Procurement) cost

we use the most advanced earphone production technology to manufacture world-class communication earphones and make every effort to build the first brand of call center service earphones

Guangzhou Beien electroacoustic technology Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)


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