Beien nh70 call center traffic headset

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Beien nh70 call center traffic headset

introduction: Beien nh70 traffic headset, which emphasizes the balance of high and low tones, sound penetration, and highlights the human voice frequency response, is suitable for use in large call center systems such as Avaya and Cisco

after a long time of rigorous sound effect debugging by the tuning division, the tone and intonation of both sides of the call are restored with high quality

high-definition microphone pickup effect, and 90% background noise is shielded at the same time

protein ear pad is suitable for wearing close to the ear for a long time. It is breathable and comfortable. 2. Curve traversal: you can view the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve point by point

more than 20 life tests ensure that the service life of the product exceeds 5 years

more than ten dynamic and static mechanical tests ensure the reliability of the product. The cable can withstand dynamic and static tension of more than 10kg, and can adapt to the customer's use environment

fashionable appearance, special surface processing technology, wear-resistant earphone surface

provide hearing protection function to ensure that the speaker volume is controlled below 98dB, effectively preventing the ear damage caused by sudden high decibel sound

comply with ROHS standard and EU hearing protection standard

provide crystal head, computer 3.5 metal double plug and USB plug

socket type:

crystal head/computer 3.5 metal double plug/usb plug/3.5 single plug 3 sections/3.5 single plug 4 sections

introduction to Beien

Guangzhou Beien electroacoustic technology Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is a leader in the call center professional telephone headset industry. All products come from independent research and development. It is an independent manufacturer and exporter integrating production and sales

Beien is headquartered in Guangzhou, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, and core partners in North America, Europe and South Asia. The products are mainly used in barriers to work brought by telecommunications and Jiner, TV shopping, logistics, etc. 2 The intelligent control system call center, customer service center, telemarketing center, command center, etc. are the preferred products for professional traffic headphones in consulting, marketing, investigation and other businesses

whether you are a communication equipment manufacturer, system integrator, call center operator or user, choosing the hion traffic headset will not only obtain high-quality products and good after-sales service, but also greatly reduce your investment (Procurement) cost

we use the most advanced earphone production technology to manufacture world-class communication earphones, and strive to build the first brand of call center service earphones

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