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South Korea Zhongnan University Professor developed seaweed paper

the technology of using seaweed to make paper instead of trees has been successfully developed. If this technology is applied to the papermaking industry, the cost of papermaking will be reduced by 30~40%, and various side effects such as preventing environmental pollution will also be brought

professor xuyingfan from the Department of Agricultural Bioengineering of Zhongnan University recently announced that he has successfully developed a technology to use the fiber generated by red algae to replace trees for papermaking. The paper produced by this technology has higher performance than the existing paper

red algae is a kind of seaweed with red or orange surface color. Laver, cauliflower, seaweed, pterocladia tenuis, etc. all belong to this kind

the research results show that the papermaking technology using red algae such as cauliflower does not need to use the huge energy and chemicals required by the existing papermaking technology. It is a new papermaking technology

this paper does not need any chemical process. It is a product made of environmentally friendly materials and can be used in medical and food packaging fields. This kind of paper does not have any flavor when burning, because its surface area is very wide and it can also be used to make flags, and its performance is superior

considering the unique characteristics of this paper, Professor Xu decided not to participate in the competition in the general paper market, but to enter the special paper market. Specifically, the advanced army special paper market will expand its market share, and then enter the ordinary paper market. Professor Xu said: therefore, the accuracy of the experimental data is affected. "Our goal is to make this kind of paper occupy 20~30% of the market within 15 years."

when red algae are used for papermaking, they not only need fiber, but also emit some substances. Professor Xu said that these discharged substances can be used to produce food, natural pigments, packaging materials, paper-making drugs and pharmaceuticals

in fact, Professor Xu also used this technology to cooperate with 'genosapiens Inc', a specialized enterprise of 'agarose', which uses DNA separation technology to develop precision drugs, to carry out industrialized development

at the same time, Professor Xu is still studying the breeding technology of red algae used in papermaking

Professor Xu said: "the paper made from cultured red algae is very clean, and the cost price is only one third of the original paper-making technology, so it has strong price competitiveness. At present, the cultivation technology of red algae has entered the completion stage of protecting equipment from rusting, and the test results show that the artificially cultivated red algae can grow 7~30% every day."

information source: Korean Chinese science and technology information window

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