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Yaoyan, general manager of China National Building Materials Group, visited Lobo on the morning of February 17, yaoyan, general manager of China National Building Materials Group, accompanied by Fu Yihong, party and Mass Work Department of the group, visited Lobo. Zhuleibo, zhangshaojie, zhuliuxin, Jiang Hong

, taoshanwu, Chen Jing, Ding Jianluo and other leaders of Lobo group company accompanied the investigation

in the morning, yaoyan and his party came to the low radiation coated glass production line of new Jingrun engineering glass Co., Ltd. of Lobo group. Zhuleibo, chairman, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Lobo group, introduced the production and operation of the low radiation coated glass production line to yaoyan. This production line is a low radiation coating glass production line invested and built by Lobo group with the strong support and help of China National Building Materials Group Corporation and in accordance with the requirements of the national overall development plan for energy conservation and environmental protection of building materials. It is the only high-end imported low radiation coating production line in the central and western regions of China. How can we correctly use the metal pendulum impact tester with a production capacity of 1.4 million square meters each year and achieve a sales revenue of 1.5 million yuan per year. 700million yuan. After the production line was put into operation in December2008, through the hard work of the company's engineering and scientific personnel, many production technical problems were solved successively, and high-quality Low-E glass was successfully produced. Various technical indicators met and exceeded the design requirements, which was recognized by users and had a promising sales prospect. After listening to the report, yaoyan was pleased to say that the national policy of expanding domestic demand, maintaining growth and promoting sales fees will continue to expand the demand for Low-E glass. Lobo should seize the favorable opportunity, maintain the stability of production, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, expand and strengthen the Low-E glass industry platform, and become a new profit growth point for Lobo in the process of dynamic load experiment. In the new product exhibition room, zhuleibo introduced to yaoyan the new products developed by the company since the Low-E glass production line was put into operation. Yaoyan said that Lobo should be market-oriented, keep a close eye on the market, actively research and develop products needed by the market, constantly improve market competitiveness, expand product sales and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. Yaoyan pointed out that Lobo Xinjingrun company should innovate its operating mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of its employees, give full play to Lobo's original chips and technical advantages, and ensure stable production. We should further strengthen market development, increase market share and expand product sales. It is necessary to strengthen the development of new products and high value-added products, improve production efficiency, strive to reduce production costs, improve product quality, reassure users, expand the popularity of Low-E glass market in measuring various mechanical properties of materials, and lay a foundation for expanding and strengthening the industrial platform in the future


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