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Actual production and operation technology of corrugated box

corrugated box has corrugated wave structure, and its internal air cushion can well protect the product from damage. Corrugated boxes are fast in production, economical in size deviation and appearance quality, easy to store before use, and easy to recycle after use. Therefore, corrugated box is the preferred packaging container for most products and plays a major role in packaging and transportation

taking the materials used in the production of eql04 main engine piston packing box as an example, this paper introduces the process method of corrugated box production operation to readers

calculation of corrugated box material cutting

when determining the cutting of corrugated box surface paper, core paper, inner paper and middle paper, we must accurately calculate the material used to reduce the waste of raw materials. The following takes the production of materials for eql04 main engine piston packing box as an example


(1) the inner dimension of the carton is 43.5cm long, 32cm wide and 23.5cm high

(2) 1.5cm of carton line mark is a fixed size

(3) the inner lap edge of carton fold 3 ~ 5cm is a fixed size

(4) the dimensions of the two covers of the carton are 16cm respectively

1. material cutting calculation for face paper, core paper and lining paper

size calculation process is as follows:

long side = lap size + Touch size + box length + Touch size + box width, that is,

long side =5cm+1.5cm+43.5cm+1.5cm+32cm=83.5cm

wide side = box cover size + Touch size + box height size + box cover size, that is,

wide side =16cm+1.5cm+23.5cm+1.5cm+16cm=58.5cm

face paper, core paper The actual material cutting size of the lining paper is

long side =83.5cm+4cm=87.5cm

wide side =58.5cm+4cm=62.5cm

note that the length and width of the material during cutting must be added with 4cm of rough edge trimming

2. there is no doubt that there is no doubt about the calculation of corrugated paper cutting

it is suggested that the shrinkage rate of thin paper corrugated forming is 20%, that of standard paper corrugated forming is 25%, and that of thick paper corrugated forming is 30%

size calculation results are as follows:

corrugated paper length =87.5crn+ (87.5cm × 25%) =110cm

width of corrugated paper =62.5cm (size unchanged)

3. cutting calculation of the inner padding of the carton

the length and width of the inner padding of the carton shall be 1cm smaller than the length and width of the carton. The calculation result is:

length =43= 42.5cm, width ==31cm

4. calculation of material cutting for the inner partition of the carton

the inner partition of the carton is divided into upper and lower layers. The length, width and height of the inner partition of the carton should be 1cm smaller than the length, width and height of the empty dimension in the carton. Then the calculation results of the inner partition dimension are as follows:

length =42.5crn, width =31cm, height =11.5cm

5. calculation of carton area

corrugated cartons are made of two corrugated cartons with the same area, which are bonded together by overlapping edges

carton area = (87.5cm) × 62.5cm) × 2/1000=1.094m2。

corrugated box face paper printing

in the past, corrugated boxes were mainly used as transportation packaging, and customers did not pay much attention to the appearance of corrugated boxes. In recent years, people have gradually realized the importance of exquisite packaging appearance and its promotional effect on commodities. The face paper printing of corrugated boxes has become more and more colorful from monochrome

corrugated boxes generally adopt the method of pre printing face paper first and then bonding with corrugated board. The printing methods of face paper include offset printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing. Offset paper has rich dot levels, strong color sense and good quality, which is very suitable for short edition and flexible personalized market demand. Flexographic printing mostly uses water-based environmental protection ink, which has the advantages of non-toxic, non polluting and environmental protection. It is very suitable for long version printing and can produce large format and multi-color corrugated boxes. Gravure printing has high production efficiency. The printing speed can reach 150 ~ 200m/min, and the number of printing colors can reach 4 ~ 10. It can also be used for printing special inks such as gold silver ink. As the intaglio printing adopts the steel chrome plated electric engraving intaglio, the printing resistance can reach 3million ~ 4million printing, which is very suitable for the production of large quantities of long version live corrugated boxes

prepress has special requirements for paper. Coated white board, hanging white board, white cardboard and other types of paper are often used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Coated white board paper has good color expressiveness, but when it is bonded through the high-temperature drying channel of the corrugated board production line, the paper surface coating will change to varying degrees, affecting the color effect of the picture and text surface. Hanging pulp whiteboard can meet the high temperature requirements in the bonding process to a great extent, but the surface of hanging pulp whiteboard is rough, which is easy to make the picture and text points lost and untrue, and the ink consumption is also large. White cardboard is the first choice of corrugated paper. It not only fully shows the color effect of printed pictures and texts, but also can well adapt to the special requirements of high-temperature bonding process

in addition, the printing ink used for corrugated box face paper shall be the one with good heat resistance and friction resistance, otherwise the printed face paper will be scratched and ink will drop during flattening and drying, which will seriously affect the surface quality

lamination of corrugated paperboard

the printed color face paper needs to be pasted together with corrugated paperboard. Veneering is one of the production processes of corrugated cartons. Facing adhesive is an important raw material for corrugated paper mounting. The adhesive consists of starch, water and auxiliary materials, oxidant (potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide), gelatinizer (sodium hydroxide), cross-linking agent (borax), defoamer (tributyl phosphate, silicone oil), desiccant, etc

the empirical formula proportion of the adhesive of the automatic mounting machine is: water 1000kg, starch 190 ~ 250kg, potassium permanganate 3.5 ~ 4.0KG, sodium hydroxide 24 ~ 28KG, borax 6 ~ 7kg, desiccant 70 ~ 80kg. Add tributyl phosphate as appropriate. Whether the proportioning ratio of adhesive can achieve the best process quality effect is also closely related to the actual production environment and product characteristics, which should be paid attention to

the veneering process plays an important role in the quality of corrugated boxes. The color paper and corrugated board are required to have no obvious ridge penetration after being bonded. The rule deviation of the bonding should be less than 3mm. The corrugated thickness loss after the corrugated board is bonded and pressed should be less than 2%. During the bonding and flattening process of the color paper and corrugated board, the color graphics and text should not be damaged. It is required that the color paper and single-sided corrugated board should be firmly bonded, To avoid degumming, the finishing process after veneering can ensure the normal production of die cutting

joining of corrugated boxes

corrugated boxes are joined together by overlapping edges of corrugated boards after die cutting and indentation to form a complete combined corrugated box

there are three methods to join the corrugated box: metal nail, adhesive tape and adhesive. Metal nailing method is a kind of box connection method which is widely used. Metal nails are used to nail along the center line of the overlapping part. The adhesive tape bonding method is to use the adhesive tape with a width of about 60mm on the outside of the carton and take the bonding ridge line of the carton interface as the center line for bonding. The adhesive bonding method is to use the adhesive to bond the overlapping part of the carton box. The adhesive shall have good viscosity, high adaptability to temperature and humidity changes, and be able to dry quickly in a short time. Most of the adhesives used are polyvinyl acetate lotion

among the three joint methods of carton box, the joint strength of adhesive is the best, the joint strength of adhesive tape is the second, and the joint strength of metal nail is the lowest. When selecting the jointing method of corrugated box, it should be reasonably selected according to the characteristics of the contents, the types of corrugated board and the production batch of corrugated box

quality requirements for corrugated boxes

the pictures and texts printed on the corrugated box face paper are clear, consistent in color, bright and bright, and the printing position is correct. The formed box body is well sealed around to increase the production capacity of acrylic resin for optical materials, without loopholes; The box cover shall be closed without staggering and seam separation. The inner diameter of the box is basically consistent with the design size requirements. The box cover is not easy to crack and fracture after repeated folding. In addition, the corrugated boxes shall be jointed in a standard manner, with neat edges and no overlapping corners; The box surface shall be clean and tidy without obvious damage and stain

low price and short edition have become the mainstream of corrugated box packaging and printing. With the promotion of environmental awareness and market demand, and the continuous improvement of the added value of corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes will open up a new world for enterprises. (end)


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