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Since the launch of the brand on the 67th, with its high-end appearance, home like comfort interior and high-efficiency assembly with 600 horsepower designed by famous European designers, the long-distance live test of Chenglong H7 3.0 800 km, the long-distance live test of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance live broadcast of Chenglong H7, the long-distance test of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance test of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance test of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance live broadcast of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance test of Chenglong H7 3.0, the long-distance live broadcast of Chenglong H7, the long-distance test of Chenglong H. In the expectation of many card users, Chenglong H7 3.0 teamed up to dominate the card sister and the card friends in the circle, On September 4, the "grassland Sky Road dragon journey - H7 3.0 800 km long survey experience tour" will be launched "The event will take you to witness the powerful performance of Chenglong H7 3.0.

800 km long-distance live test will give you a taste of the charm of Chenglong H7 3.0.

this long-distance test will invite millions of red domineering girls to live broadcast the whole process, starting from Handan all the way north to Zhangbei Bashang grassland, and show the cool charm of Chenglong H7 3.0 in the great scenery of the motherland of 800 km to the end.

Chenglong H7 3.0 focuses on the field of high-speed logistics, with a strong power system And fuel consumption naturally become an important concern. In addition to personally understanding the power performance of cltruck H7 3.0 in the live broadcast, it will also use the full oil method to measure the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers, and truly demonstrate the fuel saving power of cltruck H7 3.0 automatic transmission

the Dongfeng Cummins engine carried by cltruck H7 3.0 adopts the strategy of high torque and speed reduction. In the RPM speed range, the maximum torque can be achieved by 2750. The elasticity and flame retardancy of this material can be used to meet the requirements of nm for pipeline products, so as to ensure that the vehicle has high torque at low speed and reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the addition of ZF AMT gearbox not only improves the driving convenience, but also has higher transmission efficiency. Matching with the engine can further reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle

in addition, during the 800 mile live broadcast, the domineering card lady, the driver and the live broadcast host will fully exchange the driving experience of the vehicle, the rich safe and intelligent configuration of the cab, the spacious internal space and diversified storage space, the 1.2-meter-wide big bed room, the intimate humanized design and other contents, so that more card friends can more intuitively understand the comfortable interior of cltruck H7 3.0

when using and operating this machine, please 1 be sure to use it according to the process specifications in the manual. In addition to understanding cltruck H7 3.0 from the driver's perspective, this activity also arranges professionals to participate in the whole process. Not only did they participate in the live broadcast interaction, but they also arranged a special tour to help card friends have a more comprehensive understanding of cltruck H7 3.0 from a more professional perspective

enrich the interesting live broadcast of good gifts and let you reap full surprises

in addition to being able to learn more vividly about the efficient strength of cltruck H7 3.0 through the live broadcast, this activity has prepared many surprise good gifts, interesting challenges and rich activities to let you reap full surprises

in this all day live broadcast, several rounds of car grabbing and gift grabbing activities were set up. If you have the intention to buy a car, the most attractive thing about this activity is that 1 yuan is worth 1000 yuan as a gift. You can directly deduct 1000 yuan if you take this deduction voucher order to any Chenglong 4S store to buy Chenglong with the original ID card. There are also rich gifts and cash red envelopes for you in this activity. You can make money by grabbing them

besides good cars and gifts, there are many "lively" to see. As a million red domineering card sister, she will cook in person during the live broadcast, challenge for 15 minutes in the cab of cltruck H7 3.0, and make two dishes and one soup that usually takes one hour in a normal kitchen. More interesting challenges, such as 10 seconds of no cigarette pouring and 1 minute of no overflow of a full cup of water, are set to make you not lonely when watching the live broadcast

finally, this grassland tour will also take you to experience the strong grassland customs. During the live broadcast, you can not only see the beautiful scenery of nearly 800 miles in the north, but also set up a grassland bonfire Music Festival with a thick grassland flavor, which is a kind of insulation material with a wide range of adaptability. In the warm campfire, interwoven bands and the fragrance of roasted whole sheep, the long-term live test activity came to a successful conclusion, but also showed the grassland style with national characteristics

for card users who have been paying attention to cltruck H7 3.0, this long-term live test is a good opportunity to learn about cltruck H7 3.0! Not only can we further understand the magnificent performance of CLC H7 3.0 in an all-round way; You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of 800 kilometers; Enjoy the campfire Music Festival with rich grassland customs; There are more good cars and gifts to grab! On September 4, I remember paying attention to the live broadcast of the long-distance measurement activity of "grassland Sky Road dragon journey - H7 3.0 800 km long-distance measurement experience journey"


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