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Ride the dragon to accompany you along the road of life: young man sun has a sharp tool for making money

ride the dragon to accompany you along the path of life: young man sun has a powerful tool to make money

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at present, with the surge in logistics demand, the transportation industry is frequently faced with "labor shortage". Facing the dividends brought by the great development of logistics, more and more young reserve forces have joined the ranks of truck drivers. Sun you, a "post-90s" generation, is one of the logistics and transportation forces

sun you, 27, from Datong, Shanxi. Unlike most young people, he has a different view of the freight industry, which is "hard, tired and unable to earn money". Sun you, who is accompanied by coal, roads and trucks day and night, is full of energy every day. From Datong to Tangshan, he did not feel boring but enjoyed it. A large part of the reason was that his car, Chenglong H5, could bear his dream of creating wealth

there is hope, and trucks can also carry dreams.

"hope is something as precious as diamonds in this era that will always have a harmful impact on plastics." Young people care about career prospects. Datong, Shanxi Province, is rich in coal resources. Truck drivers have a unique advantage here - there is no need to worry about the supply of goods. Sun you knows that working as a truck driver to transport coal can not only realize the dream of becoming rich, but also benefit his hometown

as the carrier of the dream of creating wealth, Sun you spoke highly of cltruck H5: "The Chenglong H5 is very suitable for pulling coal. The power of the car that pulls coal is very important, and the quality is also good. You can't pull a little more and you won't be able to run out of power. The quality of the car must stand the test. Another thing is that it's still hard to pull coal, and the car must be comfortable to drive. The Chenglong H5 has been used for nearly a year within a certain tolerance. I'm very satisfied with the power of the car, Apart from normal maintenance, there are basically no problems. The car is also very comfortable to drive. You can take a rest on the sleeper when loading and unloading. "

in addition, sun you was particularly surprised by the efficient operation value of cltruck H5. "The last car was not cltruck H5, but a car of other brands. The vehicle cost also changed significantly before and after the change." Sun you said, "this is the most satisfying point of this car. It saves money! It's a real tool for making money!"

efficient and fuel-efficient, Chenglong H5 helps make the dream of wealth take off

about 1100 kilometers from Datong to Tangshan, "For a round trip, the total cost of fuel, road and bridge fees, urea fees and so on is less than 4000 yuan. Compared with previous cars, the main reason is that the fuel cost is saved. About 2L of fuel can be saved for a hundred kilometers, and more than 100 yuan can be saved for a round trip. Secondly, this car is well lightweight. Compared with previous cars, it can pull more goods and earn more freight." As sun you's right-hand man on the road to Zhifu, cltruck H5 adopts lightweight design to reasonably improve the cargo capacity of the current trip under the condition of ensuring the vehicle carrying capacity, so that users can earn more

it was boring to drive a truck for transportation, but sun always found some fun to adjust his life during the transportation because of his optimistic attitude. Once, sun you bet with many drivers who pulled coal. They agreed to see who had a lower cost and saved money when they pulled the same coal goods on the same sports car route. Before leaving, sun you patted his chest and said, "it must be my car that saves the most money. If I lose, you can punish me!" As a result of the whole transportation process, sun you and Chenglong H5 had the lowest operating cost and ranked first in the small bet with their peers. Later, when a colleague asked sun you why he was confident before the race, sun you said proudly: "usually, when we run a sports car together, my fuel consumption is a little lower than yours every time, so I will definitely win this bet! The reason why I have confidence is through comparison and test!" These words made some of sun's driver friends envy them one after another

"The most important thing in operating transportation vehicles is nothing more than safety and profitability. After more than a year of use, I am very confident in the quality of cltruck H5, and this keel frame cab also ensures my safety. Now I am 27 years old, and with this momentum, I can pull more goods than others a month and earn more money. I believe that with my efforts and the company of cltruck H5, I will realize my dream earlier and make myself and A better life for my family! " Sun you said

life comes at the right time, and the heavy responsibility lies on our shoulders. Young people are both dreamers and dreamers. With more and more reserve forces like "sun you" joining the transportation army, China's transportation industry will surely be stronger from generation to generation. No matter how big the dreams of young people are, there is always a piece of land that can carry them. No matter where you are, as long as you keep your feet on the ground and work hard, life will shine. Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong, while providing more efficient, safe and reliable products for "sunyou" to realize their dream of creating wealth, also helps the national transportation industry take off with more valuable logistics solutions


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