Practical extrudable multi-layer plastic bottle

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Practical extrudable multi-layer plastic bottle

rpc kutenholz company produces an extrudable multi-layer plastic bottle for Homann, a major food manufacturer in Germany, to pack the D of Homann company to make the pointer change back to zero. It is used to pack the salad condiment of "ress'up" brand

this beautiful 250ml PP bottle is made of multi-layer plastic: compared with glass bottles, it can ensure the integrity of the edges and corners of the final product. This plastic bottle can be extruded and is not easy to break after consultation with colleagues. It is of great practical value and convenient for consumers; Compared with single-layer packaging, the excellent barrier performance of this packaging enables it to fill at high temperature, and has a longer shelf life, protecting the product. These meet the requirements of Homann. At present, the dress`up series condiments have been successfully listed in Germany, with three flavors

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