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Chengdu, Sichuan Province abolished some documents restricting economic development Hexun finance and economics news on April 11, Sichuan Province and Chengdu held press conferences on April 10 to announce the cleaning up of economic documents since 1990, and announced the abolition of some outdated documents that are not conducive to or restrict economic development. According to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po, through the clean-up, the Sichuan provincial Party committee abolished 50 documents, the Sichuan provincial government abolished 105 documents, and repealed 39 provisions of some policy and regulatory documents. These abolished documents are mainly concentrated in several aspects: first, policies and regulations on curbing consumption. These policies and regulations are mainly formulated based on the overheating of the economy from 1991 to 1993, such as the implementation of the examination and approval of specially controlled commodities and the imposition of surcharges; Second, the provisions on industry access restrictions, such as the provisions prohibiting enterprises from engaging in real estate business, the provisions on the monopoly of pesticide agricultural film and chemical fertilizer, and the provisions prohibiting individual transporters from engaging in bus passenger transport; Third, policies and regulations related to charges, such as the terms of levying funds for labor personnel going abroad and out of the province. In addition, after nearly two months of clean-up, Chengdu has also abolished 61 economic documents, which involve the reform of state-owned enterprises, investment, taxation, fees, industry access and, preferably, urban management for drying

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