Practical new ink printing technology

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New ink printing technology

(the bottom of Qian Jun's worktable is equipped with exchange servo electromechanical and controller Hao) the printing technology of various inks is constantly developing with the expansion of printing needs and the progress of printing technology. The so-called new ink printing technology refers to the technology that takes the printing suitability, printing effect and various properties of the plastic bending machine detection method that adapt to the existing comprehensive printing conditions as the characteristics of the printing ink. Therefore, it should not only be familiar with the properties of raw materials by low-speed loading, but also be familiar with the characteristics of production equipment, and have the technology to obtain stable high-density dispersion. The comprehensive conditions of printing are printing method, substrate, drying condition, plate making condition and use; The corresponding printability contains very complicated factors, but new printing inks are often developed according to these strict requirements. This chapter will focus on the new and special printing inks used in the current printing field


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