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San'an optoelectronics will become the world's largest LED factory layout by next year at the latest. Micro led

San'an optoelectronics is the leader of China's LED market. The company's leading ability in the LED market and courage to expand outward are known as Ziguang group like the semiconductor industry. Industry experts believe that in terms of sales amount, San'an will become the world's largest LED factory as soon as this year and 2018

since this year, there has been a strong demand for LED chips. San'an photoelectric equipment is in full production, and the production capacity is in short supply. On October 25, San'an optoelectronics released the third quarterly report of 2017. The company achieved an operating revenue of 6.283 billion yuan in the first three quarters, a year-on-year increase of 40.05%; The net profit was 2.378 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 58.9559%; Earnings per share was 0.58 yuan

San'an optoelectronics said that the sharp increase in revenue in the first three quarters was mainly due to the expansion of production scale and the significant increase in production and sales. At present, San'an photoelectric production capacity accounts for about 12% of the global market, continues to expand production, and aims at 30% of the global market

San'an optoelectronics expects to add 100 machines in 2017, improve and gradually release production capacity, and continue to expand the gap with the industry. It is revealed that in addition to the new machines that have been finalized, San'an optoelectronics will see a significant increase in customers' demand for the company's iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate products. The spindle and its drive system are composed of a series of hardware products, and the MOCVD machine will continue to release large orders. It is expected that the production expansion action will be expected to continue until 2019 to continuously release production capacity to meet the demand

on the evening of December 5, San'an optoelectronics issued an announcement to sign the investment cooperation agreement with Quanzhou people's government and Nan'an people's Government of Fujian Province. According to the agreement, the company plans to invest and register one or several project companies in Nan'an Park, Xingu, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, with a total investment of 33.3 billion yuan (including investment in public supporting facilities). All projects will be put into operation within five years, reach production within seven years, and the operation period will not be less than 25 years

according to the announcement, Quanzhou and Nan'an City, Fujian Province, in order to promote the formation of large-scale production of group III-V compound semiconductor and integrated circuit R & D and industrial base in Nan'an Park of Quanzhou core Valley as soon as possible, and improve the core competitiveness of group III-V compound semiconductor and integrated circuit industry

Lin Xiucheng, the boss of San'an group, started from the iron and steel industry. In the era of great iron and steel in China, Lin Xiucheng's value rose with the tide, However, with the boom and bust after 2004, his leading San'an shifted from transmission to technology industry and expanded LED production capacity with great efforts

San'an entered the LED chip industry in 2000, made a backdoor landing in A-share in 2008, and officially changed its name to San'an optoelectronics. In 2016, the sales revenue of LED chips and LED products accounted for about 90% of the company's total revenue, and announced to invest in the next generation of display technology. The mechanical meaning of various hardness standards is different among micro LEDs

San'an is not a pioneer in the LED industry, so it should actively layout patents and catch up with the industry. As of the first half of this year, San'an has 1211 patents and proprietary technologies. The patent technology certification also allows San'an to improve the technical threshold and set up a R & D center in the United States, further indicating its emphasis on R & D

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