On May 31, Foex commented that the paper product m

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Foex comments on May 31: the paper product market is still in contradiction

on the one hand, the demand for some paper products, such as the paper in the United States, remains at a low level, or even declines. On the other hand, the demand for full pulp non copper paper and packaging paper increases. The control of supply is reduced, but the problem of overproduction is not ruled out. The problem of overproduction has always had an impact on the coated paper market

cepprint's recent European market shows that the index in April this year is lower than that in April last year. The price of paperboard and paper products in North America continued to rise, mainly due to the increase in demand and the weakening of the US dollar exchange rate. Moreover, the coordination and control of delivery and the increase of production costs are also related to the price increase

the pulp market is still stable. In April, the supply of major producing countries increased by 5%, and on the whole, it increased by 6% in the past period. From June 1, the price will be increased to 690-700 dollars/ton. At present, the nbskp index can be automatically reset in the whole process by pressing the reset key in the main interface, -654, 20 dollars (-0, 09) or 511, 21 euros/ton (-0, 3%)

the broad-leaved pulp market is in good condition, although the manufacturer's reserve level has increased by one day. The current bhkp index - 496,46 euros/ton (-0,4%) or 635,32 dollars/ton (+0,16%)

according to the information from cepprint, the demand for European paper increased by 1%, and the current index is 518,83 euros/ton (-0,11%)

the delivery volume of coiled wood pulp copper paper decreased by about 10%, and the current index is - 703, 90 euros/ton (+ 0, 18%)

the crisis of overproduction of copper paper in European and Asian markets continues, and the direction of utilization is very broad. The price index is - 720,03 euros/ton (-0,16%). Immersed in solution

according to cepifine data, the index of full pulp non copper paper is still at a good level, but it is only limited to North America. The current index is 800,08 euros/ton (- 0,2%)

the price of cardboard packaging in the U.S. packaging market has increased. Since october2005, it has announced for the third time to increase the price of decorative paperboard. Although it is still difficult to estimate the effect of raising prices. The price increase in Europe has not been reflected in the price index for the time being. Kraft paperboard - 468,53 euros/ton (+ 0,06%), white paperboard - 667,78 euros/ton (- 0,3%). The situation of waste cardboard is as follows: testliner2 - 377, 52 euros/ton (- 0, 06%), testliner3 - 347, 27 euros/ton (+ 0, 11%), Rb flushing - 334, 32 euros/ton (+ 0, 24%)

source: China paper

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