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"Three days in the morning and four nights in the evening": 6 Sigma first applied the printing industry

customer-oriented, which is one of Jindong's core values of reducing cost; The quality policy of Yingtian is to pursue zero defect products and meet the strict requirements of customers, which coincides with the customer-focused concept of 6 Sigma. In the long-term production and practice, both Yingtian and Jindong have attached great importance to and actively promoted the standardization work. They became printing base enterprises in December2008 and april2009. With the common understanding of both sides on quality and 6 Sigma, the strategic partnership was officially signed in april2009. At the same time, in Hangzhou, the two sides jointly launched the blue sky action strategic cooperation project. The customer talked about visiting the experimental machine. The machines of our Jinan experimental machine factory look solid four plans. The project takes 6 Sigma as the platform and aims to improve the printing efficiency through the operation of the project, so as to achieve the strategic significance of improving customer satisfaction and promoting the economic growth of the enterprise. The "three in the morning and four in the evening" plan will decompose all processes of the whole printing process, make quantitative analysis of each process, find out the key factors affecting the printing efficiency with the help of 6 Sigma tool, and improve them. On the basis of the existing process, the purpose of the project is to improve the printing efficiency of the enterprise by 30% by using Minitab, new QC and other tools, combined with TQM and 6S management, in the form of cooperation in the 6 Sigma project, so as to make the production capacity of the three printing machines reach the level of the original four printing machines. Therefore, the project is named the "three in the morning and four in the evening" plan. This project not only applies 6 Sigma to the printing industry for the first time, but also plays a positive role in promoting the improvement of China's printing level and the standardization cause; At the same time, it also provides a new model for the development of other printing bases

Zhejiang Yingtian Printing Co., Ltd. was established in October, 1996. The company entered the printing industry from a high starting point. After a short period of more than ten years of development, the printing technology has been in the forefront of the industry. Successfully developed and applied 20 micron FM printing technology in 2002; In 2003, it became the first company in China to develop and successfully apply 10 micron FM printing technology. His works won the American Printing award in 2006 and 2007, which fully reflects the strength of Yingtian equipment technology and product quality

established in May1997, Jindong paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has three advanced high-speed paper machines and two coating machines with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of coated paper, maintaining the world record of the highest speed of 1770mmin. While focusing on product quality and customers, Jindong also pays attention to internal management. SDA (skill development activities) has been implemented since 1998. In 2003, 6 Sigma management system was introduced, and 5 Black Belt masters, 33 black belts and 258 green belts were cultivated; Three of them won the title of China registered black belt. Since its implementation in 2003, Jindong has completed 798 projects with a cumulative financial benefit of 1.38 billion yuan, of which 7 projects have won the China excellent Six Sigma project award

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