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The first appearance of Jingqi brand is expected to reshape the industrial pattern of domestic welding tongs original title: the first appearance of Jingqi brand is expected to reshape the industrial pattern of domestic welding tongs [page - Taiwan Strait] the first appearance of Jingqi brand in the annual Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Technology, Reshaping the pattern of the domestic welding tongs industry is in sight

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the annual Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and Materials Exhibition (AMTS) came to an end in Shanghai New International Expo Center. 800 exhibitors from all over the world participated in the exhibition, attracting 80000 professional visitors. Gaopin automation, as a leader in the domestic auto parts intelligent manufacturing industry, released its new sub brand - Jingqi at the exhibition. Jingqi made its debut at the AMTS exhibition, which attracted high attention and heated discussion in the industry

China has become the world's largest auto producer. In 2017, China produced 24806687 cars. According to industry experience, 300 welding tongs are required for 100000 cars. The demand for welding tongs in the Chinese market is very huge. However, at present, the middle and high-end resistance spot welding tongs and welding automation engineering market in China is dominated by European, American and Japanese enterprises

the recent trade war between China and the United States has proved that the rise of China's science and technology industry needs independent innovation to achieve long-term development. As a pillar industry of the national economy, the automobile industry has developed advanced manufacturing equipment around the automobile industry, which also requires Chinese enterprises to achieve technological innovation and localization of core technologies

Jingqi knows that the core technology can't come, can't wait, can't ask. Jingqi welding tongs is committed to promoting the development of the industry and winning a place for national brands in the fierce international competition. On the basis of high-end resistance spot welding tongs, Jingqi has developed welding automation system engineering, stamping and connecting equipment, and provided advanced and reliable solutions in the two major process fields of welding and pressing for the automotive industry. It has successfully served many international well-known customers, such as Dongfeng collision, which caused serious deformation of sheet metal Honda, g-tekt, wapac, Cosmo, bentler, Autoliv, Delphi, vario, etc

the first appearance of Jingqi at AMTS attracted the attention of many high-quality customers, such as DPCA, Ford, Hezhong, Shangtong Wuling, etc. "We are especially good at designing more compact, smoother and more efficient automated production line solutions from NASA to small start-ups in a limited space, which is more efficient than the design solutions of conventional companies, with an increase of about 20%-30%. This is also the place where we most attract customers." President Chen, the head of Jingqi, said that Jingqi has a competitive advantage in the market

"in addition, we, Jingqi, introduced experts from Japan and the United States to our technical team as early as two years ago. Automobile lightweight is the general trend of fatigue life test applicable to various parts, springs, materials, etc. aluminum body welding and connection technology is the key direction of our technical research and development. So far, we have a mature solution technology system."

Jingqi's brand core is a leaping killer whale with both strength and speed. China's spot welding industry market is also looking forward to such a killer whale, starting from the nation and facing the world,

reshaping the industrial pattern and realizing the curve overtaking of domestic welding automation technology and connection technology

join hands with Jingqi to create a legend

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