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How does Yuyao China Plastics City become the largest plastics trading market in China

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core tip: the plastic city and surrounding enterprises are linking China's largest plastic industry group, establishing inseparable links with large markets at home and abroad, and making outstanding contributions to the economic development of Yuyao and even the development of the national plastic industry

[China Packaging News] near Yuyao north railway station, there is a Chinese plastic city spanning several blocks. There are plastic related stores in all the streets. "Plastic is not produced here, but you can find all the plastic you need here." Chen zhoubin, a native of the "plastic second generation", said

"from a street to a city, China's plastic city has at least two 'most' -- China's largest distribution center of plastic raw materials and Zhejiang's largest means of production market." Recently, in an interview, Shaofeng, former deputy director of Yuyao Administration for Industry and commerce, who is familiar with the founding history of the plastic city, said

from the plastic street to China Plastic City

Yuyao engaged in the plastic industry earlier. According to the information provided by Yuyao chronicles office, as early as 1962, the collective Yuyao Yongfeng Plastic Factory was established in Yongfeng nunnery in the north of the city, creating a precedent for Yuyao bakelite and plastic products. Subsequently, Yuyao plastics General Factory and Yuyao engineering plastics factory also began to engage in the production of plastic products

In the 1970s, plastic enterprises set up by Yuyao Second Light Industry Bureau were born one after another. By the end of 1991, there were 708 plastic production and processing enterprises, accounting for 4.5% of the total 15864 production enterprises in Yuyao. In addition, there are nearly 1000 rural households engaged in plastic production and processing. Because almost every township has plastic products enterprises and every village has plastic products processing, Yuyao once enjoyed the reputation of "hometown of plastics"

with the vigorous development of plastic related enterprises in urban and rural areas, a group of vendors specializing in plastic raw materials came into being. In the early 1980s, the state-owned Yuyao chemical and building materials company and zhangqingjian's self-employed Yuyao Chengbei material dispensing store took the lead in operating plastic raw material business near the former Yuyao north bus station (now Shunquan Hotel) with convenient transportation

Shaofeng, now retired at the age of, was then the deputy director of Yuyao Administration for Industry and commerce. "At that time, we consciously guided relevant enterprises to the vicinity of the north bus station, thus contributing to the formation of the 'plastic Street' of the new North Road, a distribution center for plastic raw materials and a kilometer long road." Shaofeng said

because of the good quality, low price and wide variety of commodities, merchants from all over the country come in droves. In October, 1991, Yuyao Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce asked for instructions from Yuyao municipal Party committee and government to establish "Yuyao plastic market"

in November of that year, the office of Yuyao municipal government approved the establishment of Yuyao plastic market, which was organized, organized and managed by Yuyao Administration for Industry and commerce

at the end of 1993, there were 227 plastic business entities in the market, with more than 1000 plastic trading varieties, an annual plastic and bakelite throughput of 120000 tons, and a market turnover of more than 1billion yuan

while agreeing to establish Yuyao plastic market, the idea of building a Chinese plastic city has been put on the agenda. "Wenzhou has a button market, Shaoxing has a cloth market, and Haining has a leather city. We are all thinking, what can Yuyao have?" Shaofeng said, "China's plastic city started from scratch in exploration."

The plastics Expo is known as "the first exhibition of plastics in China"

compared with the dead fish, on September 8, 1994, with the consent of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Plastics City with a total construction area of 34316.3 square meters opened to welcome guests. After the completion of the first phase of the project, the construction of the second phase of Ludong trading area has been started. So far, Yuyao China Plastics International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Plastics City Central Business District and China plastics business building have been successively completed. The hardness test is the simplest and most feasible test method in the mechanical performance test. China Plastics century building has formed a scale like a "small town", with modern layout, perfect functions and concentrated resources, It has become a well deserved national modern professional market

"at that time, Yuyao municipal government asked us to introduce 100 enterprises in 100 days, and the transaction volume reached 10billion yuan within 3 years. As a result, we completed it in the second year." Speaking of this history, Shaofeng is still in high spirits

when China's plastic city was just completed, its sales volume was only more than 1billion yuan, and it was mainly supplied to local areas. In order to further cultivate the market, an information center (now the predecessor of Zhejiang Zhongsu Co., Ltd.) was set up. The positioning of this department is to introduce plastic products to other places

at the beginning of the establishment of the information center, several informants were asked to copy blackboards in the plastic city on bicycles to collect the price information of various merchants. At the end of 1995, they rented a channel of Yuyao TV station and broadcast the guiding price and supply and demand information of the plastic city every day in the form of teletext. Merchants can understand the market information of the plastic city through the TV screen

in January, 1996, the plastic City Information Center opened and operated the first computer remote plasticization professional information network in China with computer database as the core through line connection. China plastic information, China plastic products and China engineering plastics were born one after another. Relying on the broadband and e-commerce platform, the professional and comprehensive information network system of China plastic city has had a great response in the industry and also brought huge business opportunities to the merchants of China plastic city

in 1999, the fifth year after the city was built, Yuyao municipal Party committee and government made another decision with long-term impact: to hold a national plastic industry expo

the China Plastics Expo, which has been held for years, is known as "the first exhibition of China's plastics". Its successful holding has further established the status of China Plastics City in the national plastics industry, and also greatly increased the popularity of Yuyao and its plastics industry at home and abroad

the secret of success is to rely on the credit system.

"the secret of the success of China's plastic city is to rely on the credit system." Shaofeng said that since the day the plastic city was built, he has broken the tradition, advocated open prices and established an authoritative and fair information system. In terms of system, it cooperates with the public security and tax departments to protect legitimate credit transactions

"in those days, there was no mention of 'three services' and' one run at most ', but we all did so. When the merchant came to apply for a certificate, there was a copy of the shareholder's ID card missing. I would ask him to get out the business license first and go through the formalities next time." In Shaofeng's impression, the procedures can be completed completely in the end, but the business efficiency is greatly improved. While strictly enforcing the law, he also considers humanized management. "When the tax department goes down to check, I hope they don't wear uniforms, so that everyone can work in a relaxed mood as much as possible. If the merchant has children getting married or celebrating their birthdays, I will also participate." Many businessmen who did business in their early years did not know big words. Now when they meet Shaofeng, they will actively greet him. "No matter what you do, a bowl of water will naturally have credibility."

the good reputation accumulated by the older generation also benefits the successors. Chenzhoubin, the "second generation" of Yuyao, has a deep understanding of this. His father chenzhifu was a veteran who moved from the plastic street to the plastic city of China. "People will do business with me as soon as they know my father's name." Chenzhoubin said. "As long as we have an agreement with others, we should make the list even if we lose money." This is chenzhoubin's family motto

relying on the word "reputation", over the years, yuyaojuhe trade, led by chenzhoubin, has gradually become the largest agent of Shenhua Ningmei group, a large-scale enterprise, in East and South China. From 500 tons to 18000 tons per month, chenzhoubin has created a new height and new achievement for their parents

today's China plastic city has already become the largest professional means of production market integrating plastic raw material sales, plastic information release, plastic exhibition, plastic machinery, plastic molds, plastic products and other auxiliary materials in China. The plastic city and its surrounding enterprises are linking China's largest plastic industry group, establishing inseparable links with large markets at home and abroad, and making outstanding contributions to the economic development of Yuyao and even the development of the plastic industry in the country


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