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Yunyi communication: how does Nanjing non emergency transfer center create work order circulation and create a new pattern of health

1 about Nanjing non emergency transfer center

Nanjing Changke non emergency transfer service Co., Ltd. was established by Nanjing municipal government in conjunction with Nanjing Health Commission, Nanjing Price Bureau, Nanjing Engineering Business Administration Bureau, Nanjing Urban Administration Bureau, Nanjing Transportation Bureau and Nanjing Public Security Bureau, and is also one of the people's livelihood projects in Nanjing in 2019

so as to increase the volume

the non emergency transfer service is created to fill the business gap of not receiving 120 emergency vehicles, and is responsible for the transfer of patients in non emergency situations. 120 no longer undertakes non-medical emergency tasks. Provide non emergency patients with the help of leaving hospital for home or going to rehabilitation and sanatorium, and also provide the elderly and disabled with horizontal and stretcher travel assistance. We introduce the nanny service concept, aviation service specifications and standards, and can also provide customized services for high-end needs

2 communication requirements of Nanjing non emergency transfer center

Nanjing non emergency transfer center is based on the concept that calling is trust and driving is commitment. It needs to establish a 24-hour dispatching center and open a non emergency transfer call line according to the standard of 120 emergency center. After answering, the customer service personnel need to inform the driver to go to the designated place as soon as possible, and track the whole transfer process. In the past, the transfer task information was recorded in the form of tables every day, and the work efficiency lags behind. Therefore, Nanjing non emergency transfer center needs high-quality work order circulation to save customer service time and improve work efficiency

3 Yunyi IP call center solution

according to the communication requirements of Nanjing non emergency transfer center, Yunyi communication builds an IP call center system for it. Call the system through 95xxx number or other numbers, the system will enter voice navigation, or transfer to the queue, and the transfer call center agent will answer the call, and create a work order according to the content

the agent assigns the work order to the driver through, text message or e-mail. After receiving the work order notice, the designated driver quickly carries out the pick-up task. The process of the task can be customized in the system, such as starting the task, receiving the patient, delivering to the designated place, and completing the work order

the historical work order can be flipped when the customer calls. The customer service personnel of Nanjing non emergency transfer center can understand the past customer service records through flipping the screen information, so as to serve customers more efficiently

the Yunyi IP call center system has the functions of automatic monitoring and automatic reminding. The agents can set reminders according to the emergency, untreated duration and allocation status of the work order. The reminders include reminders, SMS reminders, software pop-up reminders and e-mail reminders, so as to ensure the normal circulation of work orders in Nanjing non emergency center and improve the timeliness of the heavy release of Jinmin we work

in addition, the IP call center system launched by Yunyi for Nanjing non emergency center also has the functions of call recording, call recording, report statistics and so on. It abandons the previous work method of manually entering form records, which not only saves working time, but also can be clearly checked. It can be used as a basis for managers to assess the work performance of staff and adjust work arrangements

at any time, Nanjing non emergency center continues to explore and make progress, improve the sense of well-being after meeting the health service needs of citizens, and respond to the government's initiative of healthy Nanjing. Yunyi communication will not forget its original intention, keep improving, and provide customers with one-stop communication solutions to make enterprise communication more reliable and efficient

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