The role of Trenchless Technology in urban constru

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The role of Trenchless Technology in urban construction

urban trenchless technology has a history of 100 years in the world, but it is in an initial application stage in China. With the continuous development of urban economy, trenchless technology has increasingly shown that there are less and less stress transfer parts in its superior materials, and it has been widely recognized and accepted by people. Many large and medium-sized cities in China have adopted this technology, which has played a unique role in non excavation technology. This paper briefly expounds the role of Trenchless Technology in urban construction and its technical application, so as to promote the application of this technology

I. development history and definition of trenchless technology

in urban construction, the laying of underground communication, power, gas, traffic signal, oil and other pipelines usually adopts the traditional manual and mechanical excavation technology. This traditional method is suitable for undeveloped areas. Its technical content is low. During urban construction, it will damage the ground scenery and threaten the underground pipes, And the excavation technology has not been greatly improved in recent 50 years

in 1900, the Americans successfully achieved a technological breakthrough in Trenchless Pipeline Laying by using pipe jacking method. The trenchless technology has experienced 60 years of development, and the spiral drilling method and impact spear method technology have been known only by the load value displayed on the LCD. In 1970, Californians in the United States took the lead in using the "horizontal guided drilling method" to lay the first pipeline using this technology across the river, becoming the first person to create the "horizontal guided drilling method". Because he often promotes this technology all over the United States. Therefore, "horizontal guided drilling" has become a widely used construction technology in non excavation construction. With the continuous maturity of trenchless technology, people invented the "pipe expansion method" (pipe explosion method) in 1980 for different pipe conditions. This technology has been gradually implemented, especially in the tap water industry

trenchless technology is called "trenchless technologies" in English. Trenchless technology refers to the use of various geotechnical drilling equipment and technical means to lay, replace or repair underground utilities without excavating trenches on the surface, so as to minimize disturbance to the residents and the city

II. The role and application of trenchless technology

trenchless laying and replacing pipeline technology has been gradually accepted by people because of its unique advantages, especially in large and medium-sized cities and prosperous commercial areas. It has been used for a long time in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. Specifically, the trenchless technology has the following advantages:

(first, it is recommended according to our technology) it has the least traffic interference

(II) less damage to the surrounding scenery and less impact on the surrounding business environment

(III) it can be constructed throughout the year, with high construction safety and efficiency

(IV) high social efficiency, low comprehensive cost and less working hours

the cost of trenching and replacing pipelines commonly used by people includes high costs such as road cutting, trenching, soil transportation, soil dumping, backfill transportation, compaction, refilling cement and asphalt, traffic control, etc. In particular, it has a great impact on commerce and traffic. For example, there is a shop opened by Chinese people in the United States. The municipal excavation and pipe laying construction are carried out in front of the door. As the excavated backfill is piled up in front of the door, the business turnover of the shop is deteriorating and cannot continue, making it close down soon

at present, the traditional excavation and pipe replacement construction technology is no longer used in major cities around the world. Instead, trenchless technology is used. In particular, the United States, Britain and other developed countries are not allowed to excavate urban pavement and completely adopt trenchless pipe replacement. The trenchless industry is a high-tech industry. Several new trenchless technologies commonly used include horizontal directional drilling (h.d.d), pipe burning, microtunneling, pipe jacking and auger drilling. When the above-mentioned trenchless technology is used abroad to lay or replace pipelines in cities, the user shall pay a certain royalty to the inventor (Organization) of the construction process. At the same time, there are strict regulations for users in the use process, such as mud recovery

horizontal directional drilling method, with construction length of M and pipe diameter of mm. It is mainly used in the construction of municipal engineering, pipeline facilities, sewer pipes, pressure pipes, etc

tube explosion (crack) method, also known as tube expansion method. It is mainly used for replacement of pressure pipes and sewers. The construction length is m, and the pipe diameter is mm. The construction process of pipe blasting method is divided into "fixed pipe cracking process" and "pneumatic method". This process is usually adopted at the place 1m-2m away from the ground, and the pipe diameter is mm, which saves 10%-50% of the cost compared with excavation; Below 6 meters from the ground, the pipe diameter is 800mm, and the project cost should be saved by 20%-25%. This process is commonly used in western countries

micro tunnel method is mainly used for the installation of sewers. The construction length is m and the pipe diameter is mm

pipe jacking method is mainly used for the installation of large sewers and pressure pipes. The construction length can reach 490m, and the pipe diameter is between mm

the spiral drilling South method is mainly used for short-distance pipeline construction. The construction length is m and the pipe diameter is mm

III. application practice of trenchless technology

Wuhan Chengfa Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd., affiliated to Wuhan Urban Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise specializing in trenchless engineering. Founded in 1993, the company took the lead in using trenchless technology to complete the pipeline laying task in Wuhan. It was also one of the few enterprises that adopted non excavation technology in China at that time

over the past few years, the company has successively completed 18 holes of communication pipelines in Wuhan Hongshan Square by using trenchless technology. 110m PE pipe for traffic signal light in front of Hubei provincial Party committee, 40 hole communication pipeline at Huangshi Avenue, Huangshi City, Xiaogan City water pipe, 4 hole power pipeline at Ruzi Road, Nanchang City, Wuhan Dongxihu erzhigou drainage pipeline, Vanke Sijihuacheng Φ There are more than 500 tasks to lay 426 gas pipes and 12000 meters of power, traffic management and street lamp pipelines in the 10km section of Wuhan Wuqing third trunk road. So far, the output value of all kinds of non excavation construction has reached more than 40million yuan, and the output value of excavation and pipe laying has reached more than 30million yuan. The excellent rate of the project is 100%. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved. The company is vigorously developing non excavation projects, and its business has gradually radiated to the surrounding areas of Hubei


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