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How will the surplus labor force be transferred in the future when intelligent robots replace workers

with the progress of science and technology, a large number of artificial intelligence have been put into use. In the future, it is possible for artificial intelligence robots to be put into the industrial field to replace workers. Artificial intelligence has gone through more than 60 years from its proposal to its development and implementation. With the acceleration of industrialization, many fields have become highly efficient and technologically advanced, and there is no lack of the shadow of artificial intelligence

recently, there has been a lot of talk about robots. Companies in Kunshan, including Foxconn, said that they hired robots to work, which shocked many workers. They are all concerned about one thing: what should we do when robots are on duty? Go home and farm, and wait to starve? It has become a reality that a large number of robots have replaced some workers, which cannot be changed

after the artificial intelligence robot takes the post, how should the surplus labor force be transferred

the application of artificial intelligence has completely overturned the era of traditional industrial inefficiency. In the near future, we will usher in a new generation of efficient and intelligent working conditions. A lot of things may not need manpower to complete at all, but robots do it instead of people. Now many large factories and warehouses of dangerous chemicals are handled by robots. Eliminated hidden safety hazards and improved work efficiency

at present, industry 4.0 proposed by Germany. To put it clearly is like the fourth industrial revolution. As the most competitive industrial manufacturing country in the world, Germany has advanced technology and achieved remarkable achievements in many fields. The development and application of artificial intelligence devices are at the leading level in the world, and Germany's artificial intelligence field has always influenced the world

the cooperative development of artificial intelligence between China and Germany has advantages for the development and research of artificial intelligence in China. However, China must build China's industry 4.0 according to its actual situation

at the second world interconnection conference, the robot exhibition itself is a frontier of science and technology, a representative of artificial intelligence, and has historical significance that designers often focus on the accuracy, function, reliability and other indicators of experimental machines

nowadays, artificial intelligence technology is widely used in many industries, such as sensing, electronic accessory output sensing, human body sensing and X-ray sensing. It can be said that artificial intelligence technology has come into life, and I really feel the power of artificial intelligence

the development of science and technology may replace some old traditions and make people panic. But don't worry, there is always a way to solve it. When every new thing comes, it will make some people afraid and uneasy. In fact, it's not necessary. Why do you scare yourself

with the development of science and technology, intelligence makes the society more efficient, increases the happiness index, and makes people's work simple and fast. Isn't it a good thing that robots can do a lot of dangerous hard work? Therefore, the development of science and technology will only bring happiness index to people. There is no need to worry about this, or even fear that jobs will be taken away by robots

after 60 years, science, technology and intelligence have been put into social production and practical life

further industrial adjustment can completely settle the surplus labor force

the existence of people is always valuable. Don't be frightened by your timid heart for a while. When technology comes, robots take the place of workers. We can consider going abroad to export labor services. There are more ways than difficulties

our primary industry is agriculture, the secondary industry is manufacturing, the tertiary industry is service, and the fourth industry refers to information industry. This is a new concept that the minimum reading value (mm) of industrial division 3 displacement is 0.01mm. That is to say, for the damage tolerance method, the finite element method is mainly used to determine the true stress at the crack tip. A more accurate crack tip stress distribution information can be obtained by encrypting the attachment lattice at the crack tip. The Department is divided from the three industries, which is called the fourth industry. According to the division of information industry in Japan, it is divided into three major sectors:

① computer manufacturing industry: manufacturing and sales

② communication processing industry: software industry, information processing service industry (computer center, information processing) and information provision service industry (database)

③ others: equipment management industry, complete equipment industry and value-added communication industry

however, with the continuous adjustment of the industry, it may be further divided, which will facilitate the normal operation of the social work mechanism and efficient operation mode

however, no matter how it is divided, it is ultimately to serve mankind

the era of industry 4.0 is coming. The traditional industrial structure has been broken to adapt to the new development situation. It has become an indisputable fact that large enterprises have begun to consider using robots to replace part of the labor force. But even so, the resettlement of surplus labor is another problem. However, it will take time for industrie 4.0 to be truly implemented globally. (by Xin Dongfang)


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