How Wuliangye builds a world-class brand pyramid

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How Wuliangye builds a world-class brand "pyramid"

ritual is the core concept of Chinese traditional culture and customs. Wine is also a traditional Chinese culture. Wine is a typical representative of Chinese ritual culture

it is precisely because wine can represent our affectionate "Rites", so there are many "Rites" wine on the market now. From the concept of "Rites" to the packaging of "Rites", there are high, middle and low grades, and the good and bad are intermingled. Leaving aside the low-end and ultra-low-end gift wines, we would not be surprised if a company launched a gift wine brand series, but it would seem a little unusual if a company with medium and high-end positioning continuously launched different brand series of gift wines over a period of time

since the second half of 2004, a series of actions of Chinese Baijiu supreme Wuliangye have made marketers who pay attention to the development of Baijiu think hard

first, the high-end gift wine focusing on Wuliangye's history and culture: Mingjiao 1368, honor, wealth and honor oriented by the gift of family, etc. appeared at the Changchun sugar wine fair, and at the same time, the concept of gift wine market positioning was put forward; Then, the price of wuliangchun was raised, and wuliangchun was a treasure. Wuliangchun was the main business gift wine brand; Subsequently, the high-end "Chinese VIP wine" - Five Dragon guest was launched in Beijing. Finally, the "friendship gift" was the icing on the cake, and the "Chinese gift wine" - Golden Leaf God business gift wine was grandly launched. A series of medium and high-end "gift" wines were successively launched, which "opened high and walked high" all the way

at the same time, other famous Baijiu enterprises are also stepping into the core of this market cake. Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao and Quanxing have also launched their own gift wine brands, such as jinjiannan, Guojiao 1573 and Shuijingfang. However, on the whole, from the analysis of the confrontation between enterprises, these are not enough to form an equal game with Wuliangye

it can be said that, on the whole, Wuliangye's Li Jiu camp has won a complete victory; However, what we saw was the Warring States period scene of Wuliangye brands competing with each other in the market

what is the reason? What is the real purpose of Wuliangye's operation

Wuliangye is the most successful enterprise in brand management of Chinese Baijiu. The sub brand strategy of brand buyout is the main market strategy for the rapid expansion of its assets. Wuliangye has successively produced medium and high-end liquors, which should be analyzed step by step from the long-term development strategic positioning of Wuliangye, which is "the representative of China's medium and high-end Baijiu and the world's Wuliangye"

level 1: the manufacturing market is over competitive, and the sub brand market strategy of setting entry barriers for medium and high-end Baijiu is not new. Through this strategy of making competitors by themselves, a number of sub brands with different competitive names are set up in a certain category of products or a certain positioning product, creating a situation of overheated competition in this product area, thus increasing the risk awareness of other brands to enter this market field, and ultimately the enterprise gains profits as a whole

this practice is not only widely used in liquor, but also successfully operated in other industries. For example, the well-known daily chemical giant P & G is like this. Its sub brands such as haifeisi, panting and Piao Rou occupy the common protection needs of fatigue testing machines with different positioning demands: they cover the medium and high-end washing and chemical market, etc

from the above analysis, it can be clearly seen that the price space of Mingjiao 1368, which is the main brand of history and culture, golden leaf God, which is the main brand of business concierge, and five dragon guest, which is the main concept of VIP, is more than 180 yuan per bottle, and the main price space covers 200-300 yuan, which is the core price of the mainstream business/business wine in China. In the face of this series of strong brands, with the brand support of Wuliangye, do ordinary brands dare to enter

the second level: shorten the brand front and build a 1+9+8 brand pyramid

Wuliangye's 1+9+8 brand strategy has long been familiar to the Baijiu marketing industry; But how does Wuliangye build this brand pyramid

among them, 8 regional brands are definitely popular brands of Wuliangye close to ordinary consumers, because they are the tower base of the pyramid

9 national brands are the bridge between Wuliangye tower base and top. At present, the domestic Internet ordering platform uses about 40million plastic lunch boxes in one day, which is reflected in both brand image and price. The so-called image determines value; Since there is price support, there is a larger profit margin on the relative price, which is also a reason to attract many Wuliangye brands

on the other hand, among the new products recently launched by Wuliangye, the packaging positioning and other aspects are all discussed in this "9", because "etiquette" is a concept of consciousness commonly recognized by the whole Chinese people, and there is not much regional division; Therefore, this is why many new brands strive to occupy "one ninth of Chinese Baijiu". In addition, by cultivating these nine national brands and removing some low-end "rotten" sub brands, Wuliangye has improved its high-end brand image as a whole

Level 3: Wuliangye

Baijiu is the representative of Chinese liquor, which is the consensus of the world; Wuliangye is also the king of Chinese Baijiu, which is also our consensus; So the next step of Wuliangye's development can be said to be a logical introduction - Wuliangye is to become the Wuliangye of the world, and finally float around the world

since ancient times, China has been a country of etiquette that pays attention to etiquette culture. Wuliangye, with its brand status, timely launched a series of medium and high-grade gift wines (above) representing Chinese wine. Its purpose is to win the world wine industry and let the fragrance of Chinese wine float around the world. Among them, the newly launched "golden leaf God" business concierge wine is accurately positioned as "Chinese gift wine" in one step. What does this mean—— The more China, the more the world

what we have seen in the market is the disputes among the sub brands of Wuliangye, each of which is extraordinary; However, looking at the essence through the phenomenon, Wuliangye is really profitable

in the past two years, Wuliangye has constantly pressed the operators to use its low-end brand according to the process specifications in the manual when using the experimental machine. Many people think that Wuliangye has abandoned a huge market. However, its essence is that "there is a loss before there is a gain". The loss of the low-end market is to obtain a larger high-end market and a broader world market, This is the core of Wuliangye's unique ingenuity in recent years


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