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Shandong: 66 old residential buildings with insulation layer have a maximum temperature rise of 5 ° C in winter.

Shandong: 66 old residential buildings with insulation layer have a maximum temperature rise of 5 ° C in winter.

september 7, 2016, The room temperature of the old building after transformation will increase by ℃ in winter. The overall construction has begun to be completed, and tens of thousands of old building residents will live in "environmental protection houses" that are warm in winter and cool in summer

the outer side of the building is wrapped with an insulating layer

at about 3:00 p.m., I saw in the old building yard of Yan'an second road that the outer walls of more than 10 old residential buildings in this open building yard have been painted. "Not only has the exterior wall been painted, but the key is that a new insulation layer has been installed outside the whole building. In the future, we are not afraid that the wall will be moldy because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor." Mr. Jiang, who lives in building 27, Yan'an Second Road, told them that all the buildings in their courtyard were old buildings built around the 1980s. According to the building standards at that time, the external walls of the building are simple brick walls, resulting in the loss of heat in winter and easy to be "exposed" by the hot sun in summer. Especially the residents living in the west end, because the wall is thin and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, a layer of dew will form on the wall in winter, and soon a black mildew will grow. Every year before the Chinese new year, the paint is clean, and the next winter is damp and moldy as usual. Watching the construction workers wrap a layer of thermal insulation material on the outside of the whole building, Mr. Jiang and his neighbors were very happy. They didn't have to worry about moldy walls anymore. The temperature at home in winter could be improved a lot

It is reported that there are many old residential buildings around Yan'an Road, most of which were built in the 1980s. At the beginning, there was a step hole in the center of the disc without external wall insulation measures. After years of wind and rain, there have been varying degrees of roof seepage and wall cracking. Although the old house is heated and the temperature of the radiator is not low, due to the thin wall and fast heat dissipation, many residents have just reached the standard after heating. They have to wear sweaters when they turn on the heating at home. According to the comprehensive renovation project plan of the old buildings, the construction unit will carry out energy-saving transformation of the building structure of these old buildings. The outer walls of all residential buildings will be plastered with polyurethane insulation boards, and the roof will be paved with composite insulation boards. So as to enhance the thermal insulation effect of the building, reduce the energy consumption of indoor heating in winter, achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, low-carbon and energy saving, and the room temperature of these old buildings after transformation will be increased by ℃. After the construction of adding insulation layer to the building, all the old buildings will be painted


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