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How does Zhangjiakou deflagration accident happen? How did the explosion accident in Zhangjiakou happen when the vinyl chloride gas holder was not overhauled for 6 years? On December 11, 2018, the emergency management department held a press conference. In the early morning of November 28, a serious deflagration accident occurred in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, resulting in 23 deaths and 22 injuries. So how did this serious accident happen? The emergency management department released more details about the cause of the accident

Hebei Shenghua is a chemical enterprise, which is located in Zhangjiakou, China. As it also undertakes the task of heating nearby, more coal trucks will be pulled to deliver coal to it in winter. However, the unloading and inspection of goods required a long queue, sometimes even seven days. ② according to the requirements of the verification regulations, the repeatability error of the indicating value of the level-1 experimental machine was 1.0%, and the large trucks were waiting there. Who would have thought that the dangerous chemical vinyl chloride in the enterprise had begun to leak and gradually spread to provincial highway 310, and then an open fire caused an explosion. Three of the 23 victims were employees of nearby companies, They are villagers nearby, and most of the rest are truck drivers. Considering that since the beginning of November this year, there have been eight consecutive accidents involving the leakage, explosion and fire of hazardous chemicals in China, what loopholes in the management of hazardous chemicals have been exposed around the incident in Zhangjiakou, and how should we deal with them in the future

the accident enterprise Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd. is a pillar enterprise in Zhangjiakou. Its leading product, PVC resin, is a widely used synthetic material, and the vinyl chloride required for production is a flammable and explosive dangerous gas. According to the preliminary investigation of the emergency management department, the direct cause of the accident was the leakage of the company's vinyl chloride gas holder

ten days after the explosion accident in Zhangjiakou, the weekly exclusive interview with the emergency management --- Dr. Chen 1 from the Packaging Research Institute of Hunan University of technology, director sunguangyu of the Department of hazardous chemicals supervision, he disclosed more details of the accident: it has been six years since the start-up (official commencement) of the enterprise in 2012, and no maintenance has been done, because it is in disrepair for a long time, (gas tank) is stuck there, When it stopped moving, it tilted and leaked. According to the investigation, after the gas holder is abnormal, the operator's response measures are not correct

sunguangyu, director of the Department of safety supervision and management of hazardous chemicals of the emergency management department: the polyethylene gas holder is a container for storing polyethylene. It should be inspected and repaired regularly. The relevant regulations require that it should be repaired once a year and overhauled once a year. However, it has been six years since the enterprise started up (started) in 2012. No inspection and maintenance have been done. You still need to maintain your car, but if you don't do anything for six years, The operating conditions of these equipment are uncontrollable. With more air entering and less air entering, the gas holder table will go up and down. However, due to years of disrepair, it is stuck there. After it fails to move, it tilts and leaks

since November, there have been two major chemical related safety production accidents, the one in Zhangjiakou and the one in Quanzhou port. The two accidents have one thing in common, that is, there was concealment after the incident. The units involved in the combustion and explosion accident of Zhangjiakou Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd. were suspected of concealing the plot of the accident. However, in the carbon 9 leakage accident in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the enterprises involved initially reported 6.97 tons of carbon 9 leakage, but the investigation team found that the actual leakage was 69.1 tons, a difference of nearly 10 times. This concealment will delay many opportunities for remedy, and make everyone more angry and worried. What should we do for this

there are villages around Shenghua chemical in Zhangjiakou. The two wheel drive strategy of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry. When the villagers found that in winter and summer, often at night, the air became very bad, and the water quality began to deteriorate, they began to talk about and worry about the chemical enterprises around them. When there were two huge balls with a diameter of 15 meters storing dangerous chemicals in the plant, This fear is even greater. When the accident happened on November 28, you can think of the fear and worry about the future of people in nearby villages. Due to its deep sea water and long coastline, Fujian Quanzhou port is an advantage for the construction of chemical enterprises. Since 1992, 37 chemical enterprises have successively settled in Quanzhou port area. It has also become an important chemical base in Fujian. However, there are villages, enterprises and chemical parks here. Chemical enterprises and residents are very close, even you have me and I have you. How can the safety barrier be established

It has been more than a week since December, and we are indeed at the end of the year. The more the new year passes, the greater the safety is. Not only is the coming Spring Festival transportation safety first, but what to do is not "safety first"? How to prevent dangerous chemicals so close to our lives from becoming a bomb that can be detonated at any time is really a pass we must pass. I hope that the events related to this one after another, in addition to emergency investigation, should have long-term safety construction, otherwise we will dance with the God of death


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