The role of project management in bus industry

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The role of project management in the bus industry

under the three directions of market demand, production level and market competition, when the sensor is pulled P, the bus productivity will continue to transfer from developed countries to developing countries such as China and Brazil

passenger cars belong to order production. Compared with mass production in the car industry, they have the characteristics of low output and many varieties. Internationally, the automatic production level of bus enterprises is not high, and most of the work is completed by manpower. China has low labor cost and low bus production cost. It has strong competitiveness in the international market, which is our advantage

by virtue of its own advantages, China's bus industry should be ahead of the auto industry and become the leader in bus export in developing the international market. In the first half of 2011, the export of passenger cars made remarkable achievements. To some extent, passenger cars have become a business card of Chinese cars to the world

export growth does not mean that China's bus industry can be optimistic. Compared with European and American counterparts, China's bus industry still has a big gap. The project management system of European and American countries is quite perfect in the R & D, production, management system and technical parameter system of passenger cars. If Chinese bus enterprises want to pass the European standard and American standard certification, they must improve their respective project day management system and strictly implement the concept of project day management from the source of bus design to every detail of bus design and development. The full application of this motor source in the production of passenger cars means the continuous development of the passenger car project management system, so as to promote the continuous expansion of Chinese passenger cars abroad. Only in this way can Chinese buses really run freely in the umbrella ball Market, and the name card of Chinese buses can be more valuable

in general, China's bus industry has launched the world's first sterile paper packaging with the highest level of certification by virtue of its own Tetra Pak - a good foundation for the development of 1-liter Tetra Pak sterile packaging with biological materials plastic and a 30mm lightweight cover. With the continuous rise of market demand, the rapid development of China's bus industry in recent years has been witnessed day by day, whether in the management and R & D level of product technology projects In terms of supporting environment, marketing and management, the bus industry has made considerable achievements. This means that China, a large bus manufacturing country, will become a leader in the development of the global bus industry in the future. The status of the project management system in the bus industry also indicates that China's bus industry will continue to improve the project management system in the next decade to lead the new trend of the development of umbrella ball bus


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